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How to register for apprenticeship with SkilledTradesBC

To register for an apprenticeship with SkilledTradesBC, an individual must go through a series of steps to ensure they meet all the requirements and are properly documented in the system.

Here's a detailed guide:

  1. Choose a Trade: Determine which skilled trade you wish to pursue. SkilledTradesBC has a list of designated trades each with specific training requirements.

  2. Find an Employer or Sponsor: Secure a position with an employer or find a sponsor who is willing to hire and train you as an apprentice. The sponsor doesn’t necessarily have to be your employer; it could also be a union, industry association, or another organization registered with SkilledTradesBC.

  3. Sign an Apprenticeship Agreement: With your sponsor's help, you need to sign a formal Apprenticeship Agreement. This document is your commitment to learning the trade through on-the-job training and technical training provided by a training provider.

  4. Register with SkilledTradesBC: Once the Apprenticeship Agreement is signed, your sponsor will register you with SkilledTradesBC either online through the SkilledTradesBC portal or by paper application. You will receive a unique apprentice ID once the registration is processed.

  5. Work-Based Training: Start your work-based training under the guidance of a certified journeyperson or equivalent. Throughout your apprenticeship, you will need to track your work hours and competencies.

  6. Technical Training: Enroll in the technical (in-school) training aspect of your apprenticeship, which is often delivered at a post-secondary institution. This component may be scheduled in blocks of time or day release throughout the year.

For potential apprentices, Admire Immigration Services Inc. could provide assistance throughout each stage of the process, from identifying suitable trades and , to navigating the registration process and preparing for the Certificate of Qualification exam. Your company can serve as a valuable resource, ensuring that apprentices are well-informed and fully prepared to pursue their trade certifications.


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