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Depending on your citizenship, you may require a Temporary Resident Visa to enter Canada. This document is also called a TRV or an entry visa. A TRV is different from a study permit/work permit. It is used to enter Canada, while a study permit/work permit allows you to remain in Canada. TRVs are often issued for the same length of time as the study permit/work permit. If you have a study permit/work permit, a TRV is not needed while inside Canada, but it is a good idea to keep a valid TRV in case of sudden trips abroad. 

Settlement Online Pre-Arrival (SOPA) is an Immigration, Refugees & Citizenship Canada (IRCC) funded program that delivers free pre-arrival services for job readiness and retention. Resources and courses are offered at no charge, these include: one-on-one orientation, job search support and workplace culture training, as well as referral to a wide range of post-arrival services upon entry to Canada.

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