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We provide following services:


1) Assessment of your profile for FREE, before you retain our services:

  • We will assess your details and check your eligibility for various immigration categories.

  • Email to your inquiries & discuss it on telephone or skype if required.


2) Once you retain our services:

  • Give you a list of documents required for particular immigration categories.

  • Explain you about the immigration process.

  • Prepare, re-check, cross check and submit your application to the respective authority either online or paper based and represent you.

  • Communicate with the Canadian Immigration offices.

  • Guiding you at every step to make your application successful.

  • Update you on your application status.

  • Prepare you for the personal/telephonic interview if required.


3) Provide you with various tools and resources:

  • Finding employer, resume building and job search tools.

  • How to personally check the status of application.

  • How to pay the fees related to immigration.


4) Services for Employers (LMIA):

  • Guiding employers for the various methods to find out locals for the job.

  • Prepare and submission of application.

  • Relying your queries and communicating with government offices on your behalf.

  • Applying for the visa on behalf of employee if required.


5) Services relating you language abilities:

  • Which language test is suitable, how to book the examination seat.

  • Providing resources and tools to prepare for various language tests.

  • Some inputs would be given by us.


6) Settlement services:

  • Provide you with our job search tools and resources.

  • Airport pick up and accommodation (if required).

  • What to do initial days of your landing.

  • Explain your Canadian residency obligations.

  • Advise you about Canadian Citizenship.

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