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New comer Support Program

Without the support of family and friends, and without a familiar environment, it can be hard to settle in. We have designed a menu of support programs to satisfy every aspect of the new immigrant experience, making life easier for newcomers.

Pre Landing Services

  • Professional advice on Canadian Immigration Law

  • Assessment & review of documents

  • Preparation of applications and files by experienced regulated immigration consultant

  • Submission of completed application for timely processing 

  • Representation and contact with Canadian government regarding a client’s pending application

  • Additional contact with the Department of Citizenship and Immigration in Canada

Post Landing Services

  • Pickup at the airport and assistance with any initial accommodation needs (Charges extra)

  • Assistance with setting up bank account, social insurance card, health card

  • Initial familiarization with the locality, community center, and local library

  • Shopping advice and grocery tips to procure immediate needs and supplies

  • Advice regarding school options, admission requirements, documentation

  • Assistance with securing a Driver License, obtaining Business Registration

  • Advice and direction with translation services; tax preparation; job search

Insurance Services

  • Medical insurance for travellers, visitors to Canada

  • Life insurance, health insurance, disability insurance

  • Education Plans (RESP) and Pension Plans (RRSP)

  • Insurance for new immigrants, international students

Accounting, Tax, Mortgages

  • Opening a business (Corporation or Sole Proprietorship)

  • Annual income tax preparation (personal and business)

  • Preparation and filing of business taxes (HST and GST)

  • Mortgages for newcomers and first time homebuyers

Holding Hands
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