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Need the status of your Canada visa application?


There are a couple of ways that you can find out the latest status of your Canadian immigration visa application: you can visit CIC's online e-CAS system, which will give you a short summary of which stage of processsing your file has reached (e.g. 'in process' or 'decision made'), or you can request a copy of your immigration file (i.e. your GCMS or CAIPS notes ) which should provide you with a more detailed look at your application status including the date when CIC may deal with your file next.

CAIPS note service is specifically for Canada Visa. Whenever application is refused due to any reason, general refusal letter is handed over to the applicant. This makes it difficult to know the exact reason for refusal of the application. CAIPS notes gives details on what and why visa officer refused the application. On receiving caips notes, it gives you a detailed explanation about your rejection and about the documents /information  required for getting visa.


Clients refused anywhere due to any reasons visit us for this specialized service . Our re-application administrative staff is completely committed in reviewing the reasons for refusal and study the client’s complete profile in accordance to the rules and regulations. On complete review, points which need special attention are highlighted and re-application is prepared with special attention on all the points. The goal is to get visa successfully.

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