Canada's Investor Program (Quebec) will be reopening from 30th May 2016

Canada's Investor Program (Quebec) will be reopening from 30th May. If you possess senior management or business ownership experience, accumulated net worth in excess of C$1,600,000 & willing to invest non-refundable C$200,000+. The Quebec government will be accepting a maximum of 1900 applications under the Quebec Immigrant Investor Program (QIIP) between May 30st, 2016 and February 28th, 2017. Under the new subscription period, Quebec will accept a maximum of 1900 applications including a maximum of 1330 from China, Hong Kong and Macao and the balance of 570 applications to be filled from elsewhere. Applicants with an intermediate-advanced aptitude in French are not subject to the cap and

Bridging open work permit, extend your work permit – Economic class applicants

If you are currently working in Canada and you have applied for permanent residence, you may be eligible for a bridging open work permit if your work permit will expire in four months or less. This means you can keep working while we make a decision on your permanent resident application. To qualify, you must have applied under the: Federal Skilled Worker Program, Canadian Experience Class, Federal Skilled Trades Program, Provincial Nominee Program, Caring for Children Class, or Caring for People with High Medical Needs Class. You must also: currently be in Canada, have valid status on a work permit that is due to expire within four months, have applied for an open work permit, and have paid

Stay in Canada after graduation

The PGWPP allows students who have graduated from a participating Canadian post-secondary institution to gain valuable Canadian work experience. It is an open work permit, under which you can work for any employer. A work permit under the PGWPP may be issued for the length of the study program, up to a maximum of three years. A post-graduation work permit cannot be valid for longer than the student’s study program, and the study program must be a minimum of eight months in length. For example, if you graduate from a four-year degree program, you could be eligible for a three-year work permit if you meet the criteria. If you graduate from an eight-month certificate program, you would be eligi

Important time frames that you must know for the permanent residency programs of Canada under Expres

You will be in the pool for one year from the day you get in. If you do not get selected during this period, you will need to submit a new profile If you receive an ITA, you will have 60 days to submit your PR application. Some documents (for example, police certificates) may take longer than 60 days to get. This is why you need to plan in advance and use professionals like us, so you will not miss the deadline to apply for your PR status in Canada. The police certificate must be issued no more than six months before you apply. Language test results are valid for 2 years. They must be valid at the time an application for permanent residence under Express Entry is submitted. ECAs are valid f

Truck Drivers in Canada

Average Annual Salary $50,716.00 Truck Drivers program will recruit foreign truck drivers from abroad as they contribute to the local economic; after foreign truck drivers work for few few months in Canada, truck drivers will have privilege of getting permanent residence of Canada. We are currently accepting requests from foreign nationals seeking to live and work in Canada on an expedited basis for immediate full-time employment in the Canadian trucking industry. There is no required investment. To qualify, prospective applicants must meet the following basic requirements: You should have completed atleast secondary school (i.e 12 years of education) You must be a minimum of 22 years old,

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