Studying in Canada has always attracted international students

Studying in Canada has always attracted international students, especially in last 5-6 years, the numbers have grown drastically, due to which colleges and universities are almost full. These days student need to apply atleast 6 months before the start dates, the reason is very simple especially for students from India: Getting student visa of Canada is bit easier, as there is no need of old funds, which is the main advantage. You just need to pay the 6 months tuition fees and living expenses i.e approx. CND 10000 which goes into the students account and is given back to the student in instalment, once he/she lands in Canada. Most of the colleges and universities have 2 sessions starting in

If you Transfer to Another Institution (Changing DLI's)

You can notify IRCC about your change of DLI through your MyCIC Account (GCKey) online. You will require information from your study permit application (e.g., Application Number, Expected start and end dates of study). If you are not able to successfully change your DLI through your MyCIC Account (GCKey), You can notify IRCC of your change of DLI through the IRCC Web Form. Please go to: If you are thinking about changing your DLI, or have already done so, please ensure that you continue to meet the conditions of your study permit, as well as the conditions that allow you to work, should you wish to work during your stay in Canada. You must

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