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How to get a valid trade certificate issued by SkilledTrades BC

To obtain a valid trade certificate issued by SkilledTradesBC, one must typically complete an apprenticeship or fulfill the requirements for challenging the certification. SkilledTradesBC oversees the certification process for trades in British Columbia.

Here’s a general outline to guide you through obtaining certification:Complete an Apprenticeship Program:

  • Enroll as an apprentice in your chosen trade through SkilledTradesBC.

  • Complete the required on-the-job work experience with a sponsor.

  • Undergo the necessary technical training at an approved institution.

  • Log your hours and acquire the competencies defined by the SkilledTradesBC for your trade. Challenge the Trade Certification (for experienced tradespeople):

  • If you have significant work experience in a trade but have not completed an apprenticeship in Canada, you may be eligible to challenge the certification.

  • You must demonstrate that you meet the required number of work experience hours and have the necessary competencies.

  • Apply to SkilledTradesBC to have your experience assessed and if approved, you'll be allowed to challenge the certification exam. Pass the Certification Examination:

  • Upon completing the apprenticeship requirements or being approved to challenge, you will need to pass a final certification exam.

  • The exam tests your knowledge and skills in the trade, and passing it is necessary to obtain the trade certificat Receive your Trade Certificate:

  • After successfully passing the exam, you will receive a Certificate of Qualification from SkilledTradesBC.

  • This certificate is proof of your qualifications as a certified tradesperson in your respective trade. Red Seal Endorsement (Optional):

  • If your trade is part of the Red Seal Program, upon receiving your Certificate of Qualification, you can write the Interprovincial Standards Red Seal Examination.

  • A successful pass results in a Red Seal endorsement on your certificate, allowing you to work anywhere in Canada without further examination.

Admire Immigration Services Inc. could assist clients by advising them on the steps to take to acquire a valid trade certificate from SkilledTradesBC. This might include helping clients to navigate the registration process for an apprenticeship, providing guidance for those looking to challenge their trade certificate, or offering study aids and preparation for the certification examination. Your services would streamline the certification process and provide clarity for clients aiming to become certified tradespeople in British Columbia.


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