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Difference between TRV & TRP

A TRV is a Temporary Residence Visa, which includes Visitor Visas. This is a visa which is issued to people who are coming to Canada temporarily and not immigrating to Canada permanently. This visa is put into the holder’s passport when it is issued by an officer and shows that the holder has met the requirements to gain entry into Canada as a visitor, worker, or student.

On the other hand, TRP stands for Temporary Residence Permit. This document is a permit that can be granted to visitors to Canada who are otherwise inadmissible. A TRP will let people who under normal circumstances would not be let into Canada by immigration authorities come into the country for a limited amount of time for various purposes such as visiting or tourism (seeing family, weddings, funerals, excursions, etc.), business (meetings, conferences, speaking engagements, etc.), or even awaiting processing of a sponsorship application.

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