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More Newcomers in Economic and Family Category

Permanent Residency by Category:

There are different categories included in permanent residents, namely, economic, family reunification, refugee and protected persons, and humanitarian & compassionate and other. The immigration under economic class has been the largest way of PR admissions to Canada, at nearly 62 per cent of total admissions in 2021. The second most contribution to the admission for PR is Family, with 20 per cent of the total admissions in the last year. This trend is consistent while viewing at the figures for over the past years.

IRCC made enough room for candidates immigrating via economic and family category, however, reduced the target numbers for the other two. The chart below summarizes the new immigration target number for 2023-25 by immigration category.

Key takeaways: Economic Category

· The number of applicants under this space is targeted to increase every year, from 266,210 in 2023, to 281,135 in 2024 and 301,250 in 2025, noting an increase of 4 per cent

· Under this category, the major contributing schemes are Federal High Skilled and Provincial Nominee Program, with 31 per cent and 40 per cent respectively in 2023. This contribution per cent remains constant over the next three projected years. In PNPs, the number of spaces will increase from 105,500 in 2023 to 117,500 in 2025

· There are two more programs under this category, Federal Business and Economic Pilots which will show 43 per cent increase in application over 2023-24

· The evident upsurge in this category will largely be driven by increased caps in the two main schemes, Federal High Skilled and PNPs. There is a significant increase of 32 per cent in application targets of Federal High Skilled program from 2023 to 2024

The table below depicts target figures and growth per cents under Economic category (2023-25)

Key takeaways: Family Category

· IRCC has amplified the number of applications they will accept under Family as a category, an increase of 3 per cent over the targets of 2023 – 2025

· Canadian citizens and PR may become guarantor for their family to come to Canada on PR status, which will fetch social, economic, and cultural benefits to the country

· This category entails two divisions, first, Spouses, Partners and Children, and second, Parents and Grandparents. The former one contributes the largest portion in the total number, at around 73 per cent. There is a relaxation for targets of parents and grandparents in 2024, with an increase of 19 per cent in number of applications at 34,000

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