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Canada Strategize to Welcome More Immigrants

Immigration is vital for the growth of communities and cultures as they enhances diversity and strengthen the economies. Canada has been witnessing the benefits from immigration since long, with goals to build up the country, reunite families, and help refugees to offer asylum. Canada offers diverse pathways for attaining the permanent residency (PR) status which people can apply to deal with different national, regional and sectoral economic demands.

Every year Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) comes up with a new Immigration Levels Plan which is used in providing direction to its operations. This plan outlines the number of newcomers the country aims to accept over the upcoming three years.

Permanent Residence: Uplifting the Targets

Canada witnessed an unprecedented achievement in the year 2021 as it welcomed nearly 406,000 permanent residents, a growth of 121 per cent over 2020. This has been the highest level of immigrants in a single year, exceeding the previous record from 1913. Moreover, the data for 2022 is quite promising with over 430,000 immigrants to Canada. Following these accomplishments, IRCC has released new targets for permanent residents in the upcoming years, 465,000 new PRs in 2023, 485,000 in 2024 and 500,000 in 2025. The line chart below depicts the approved PR applications for previous years and new immigration targets for 2023-25.

Key takeaways:

· While analyzing the number of applications for PR from 2020 to the expected figure in 2025, it embarks a growth of 18 per cent

· Government of Canada has positive plans to reunite spouses and families, witnessed by an increase in number of PR applications of 8 per cent in 2022-23, 4 per cent in 2023-24 and 3 per cent in 2024-25


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