Lost or Stolen Immigration Documents

If your passport and/or Study Permit has been stolen, lost or destroyed, it is important to deal with the situation and get replacements as soon as possible.

If your documents have been stolen, you should contact Police (or the Police Service where you were when your documents were stolen) and file a police report. You should ask for a copy of the police report, or at least the police report number.

Hopefully, you have made a scan or photocopy of your documents beforehand, which will help you get replacements. You should:

  1. Apply first for a new passport from the consulate or embassy of your home country.

  2. Once you have your new passport, apply for a replacement copy of your Study Permit (and any work permits). You will need to read the Instruction Guide [IMM 5545]and complete:

  • Supplementary Form [IMM 5541]

  • Payment Form [IMM 5542] ($30 for each document)

  1. Apply for a new Temporary Resident Visa (TRV) if necessary.

  2. Make a a scan or photocopy of your new documents and keep everything in a safe place.

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