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How to get Invitation to apply without Canadian job offer or PNP nomination for Federal Skilled Work

Now its been 1 year , when the express entry system was started by CIC. Every body was exited about the new system, as there was no list of occupations to apply. No doubt applying for this category has been made electronically, but getting an invitation to apply is not that easy.

  1. If you do not have extra 600 points from employer or PNP selection you can still get selected if you have the minimum CRS points established by CIC for a draw.

  2. In our opinion , the minimum CRS score required to have a reasonably good chance for selection would be 400 to 425 points.

  3. In order to obtain more than 400 points without employer or PNP selection, you will likely need a high level of English.

To know about the eligibility and other options: please feel free to contact me at: or or call at: +1-778-865-3008


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