Sponsor parents and grandparents starting Jan 4, 2016

CIC will start accepting new applications to sponsor parents and grandparents on January 4, 2016. As usual few thousand applications would be accepted. Only the complete applications would be accepted. It is on first come first served basis. This program is only open for few days.

You are aware having permanent residency has lot of benefits. No doubt this program takes time to be processed, still you can be in the queue. If your parents or grandparents have visitor or super visa and are in Canada or outside Canada, they can still apply. Even if your parents don’t have visit or super visa, then also they are eligible.

To be eligible to be a sponsor:

  1. You should be Canadian citizen or permanent resident.

  2. Be 18 years of age or older.

  3. Your income should be more than the minimum necessary income level. If you are married or in common-law relationship the income of both persons can be added.

To know if you are eligible on how to sponsor parents and grandparents (Family sponsorship):

please feel free to contact me at: info@admireimmigration.com or www.admireimmigrationservices.com or call at: +1-778-865-3008

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For more info call Kanwarjit Lall (Member of ICCRC) at 

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