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Studying abroad , a dream for many!

People remain asking, we want to send our child for studying abroad, which country is good, which course he/she should do, what are the laws, how can he/she get permanent residency, what is the right age for studying abroad. My suggestions to all the parents and students:-

  1. The right age for applying to study abroad is right after completing the senior secondary / secondary. At that age student is sensible & understands worldly things. More over the time and money you spend for studying in home country, can be used for studying abroad.

  2. For studying, most of the countries like: Canada, Australia, New Zealand, USA, United Kingdom and Singapore all are good. It is the choice of the students and their parents. Still you should search for or talk to mentors which country provides good courses, is the course recognized world over, what are the career options after completion of the study, what is the cost of the course and living.

  3. Course selection is bit challenging task. The duration of the course can be from 1 year to 4 years, depending upon the level of the course. The course should match your previous studies and should fulfill your career.

  4. I always advise students, their motive should be to complete the course first, then think of permanent residence or other things. Some students prefer to go back to their home country, some prefer to stay back. Most of the countries allow the students to work part time along with their studies and full time in holidays. Apart from this after successful completion of course, many countries offer post study work permits. It is a sort of open work permit, which means students can stay in the country till the validity of permit and work for any employer. If the student gains relevant work experience & clear language proficiency test (if required) then they can apply for permanent residency.

Still you need any guidance or suggestions, if you are planning to lodge a new application for studying in Canada, studying USA, studying in Australia, studying ing New Zealand, studying in United Kingdom, studying in singapore or have got refusal recently,

please feel free to contact me at: or or call at: +1-778-865-3008

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