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Piece of Advice on Visit visas applications:

Most of the time people say, getting a visit visa is not easy. Up to some extend I agree, but in my experience I have seen people getting their applications refused due to wrong representation of documents or information, which could have been avoided if handled by some expert. Here are some inputs for a good representation of visit visa applications:

  1. Be truthful, don’t hide or misrepresent facts.

  2. Attach/upload/enclose documents in a sequence and readable format as per the checklist

  3. Any document which is not in English, should be translated to English. The non-english document and translated documents should be notarized.

  4. Do not enclose original document, unless otherwise mentioned.

  5. Don’t try to over impress the officer, they are very experienced, they are trained to handle documents.

  6. Make sure all the photocopies are attested to be the true copies (By notaries, judges etc.)

  7. Don’t forget to sign & date the application forms.

  8. Enclose the processing fees as per the prescribed format.

  9. Enclose photos as per specifications.

  10. If the inviter has a relation with the applicant, then attach relationship proofs.

  11. And most importantly be specific, don’t enclose or attach unnecessary documents.

Still you need any guidance or suggestions, if you are planning to lodge a new application for visit visa to Canada, visit visa to USA, visit visa to Australia, visit visa to New Zealand, visit visa to United Kingdom, visit visa to and Schengen or European country or have got refusal, please feel free to contact me at: or or call at: +1-778-865-3008

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