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Canada- first choice of immigrants

Canada has been dream destination for many for decades. Canada is also known as country of immigrants. Due to its multiculturism, Canadians are very happy to accept new immigrants, even if the immigrant is not good in english. Canadians are vert helpful to wards immigrants. Canada has good quality of life. Men live to the average of 77 years and women live to the averagr of 84 years. Today most of the immigrants are from China, Philippines & India. There are more than 50 immigration programs under which a person can come to Canada Permanently and temporaily. To list few:

Permanent Residency Progams:-

Federel Skilled Workers Prorgams

Federal Skilled Trades Programs

Canadian Experience Class

Provincial Nominee Programs

Quebec Skilled Workers

Business Immigrants

Live-in Caregiver Program

Spousal and Common Law Partner Sponsorship

Parent and grandparent sponsorship

Temporary Residence Programs:-

Foreign Worker Program

Study Permit Prorgam

Visitor Visa

Super Visa

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